Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance is an absolute must for your business. If you own a commercial building you will want to talk first about the right coverage in order to replace the structure, taking into account such things as the cost to totally demolish or recover, in part, anything that might be salvageable.

Good business property insurance plans will be customized to your business and can cover a variety of losses, including fire damage, power surges/spikes, and even embezzlement. Additional damage or loss coverage for your business will include office furnishings, computers and computer related peripherals, inventory and supplies/materials, varying equipment, machinery, and technological devices.

Most business/commercial property insurance policies provide either:

  • Basic
  • Broad
  • Special form coverage

Special form policies offer the most extensive coverage, and the basic policy offers the most restricted.

Special form coverage offers the broadest range of protection, as it typically covers all risks (including theft which typically is not covered by a broad or basic policy), unless specifically excluded from the policy. While special form policies are more expensive, it may be worth the expense depending on your business and the amount and type of risk. Talk with Insure Idaho to help determine the best coverage limits for your business.

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