Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance is designed to extend coverage where your other policies leave off, or reach their policy limits.

A personal umbrella insurance policy offers an added level of liability protection for your assets, which could include your home, automobiles, electronics, jewelry, collectibles, antiques, retirement savings, the kid' college fund, and stocks and other investments you may have. Basically any item of economic value that you have worked hard to obtain.

Talk with Insure Idaho to review different scenarios, which are specific to you, as you evaluate existing coverage limits such as your homeowners, auto, or other essential insurance policies. Particularly, review the medical limits/limitations and how it might affect you if someone was injured on your property. Likewise, talk about your major medical coverage if passengers in your car were injured as the result of a serious accident.

Home and Auto are two areas that are more commonly addressed, so make sure to contact Insure Idaho with questions on any of the following areas that are sometimes overlooked:

  • Personal Injury Coverage for claims of libel, slander, defamation of character and more
  • False arrest and/or Imprisonment
  • Worldwide Coverage for incidents that happen abroad
  • Vacation Rental Liability protection for boats, jet skis, scooters and other rentals
  • Defense Coverage for legal fees and other legal costs

Contact Insure Idaho and allow us to help you with your personal umbrella insurance.