Product Liability Insurance

If you manufacturer, sell, distribute or dispense goods or services, you may need Product Liability Insurance. Product liability is focused on protecting against claims due to injury or property loss generally due to a defect, design flaw, or malfunction of a product, and can also include services. Both manufacturers and retailers may need this insurance.

Product liability claims are not limited to the manufacturer. Distribution, storage, handling, and supply chain management, for example, of resellers, wholesalers and retailers could also be found liable for a product. A good example of a liability claims is strict liability (anyone who is involved in the manufacture or sale of the product can be held responsible if it was defective and someone was injured. There is no need to prove negligence in a product liability claim. A claim must show, for example, that an individual did not alter or wrongly use the product, but that the product was manufactured and sold in a condition that the ordinary and expected use of it resulted in harm to them). Other examples include breach of warranty, and negligence.

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