Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation insurance is a mandatory type of insurance carried by many businesses having at least one employee which is not the business owner. An individual business owner should talk with the experts at Insure Idaho in helping determine the best solution for them.

Workers' Compensation covers medical costs, and can also cover an extensive list of rehabilitative care, and helps to pay, at a minimum, a portion of lost wages for an employee who becomes injured or ill on the job.

Every workplace is different; however, Workers' Compensation is designed to cover instances, for example, where an employee is suddenly injured due to slipping on a wet surface, or heavy lifting. Workers' Compensation is also designed to cover employees in a working environment, which over time, contributes to a physical disease or problem. Examples include exposure to workplace chemical compounds, radiation diffusion and repetitive motions such as carpal tunnel disorder. Workers' Compensation also covers employees who might be traveling on company business or out of the office on a routine trip to a local bank or post office. Workers' Comp insurance also protects companies from being sued, in most cases, by employees for workplace conditions that can cause an injury or illness.

Employers should always emphasis to their employees that Workers' Compensation covers their employees while at work, not when an employee has a day off and sustains an injury from an activity not work related.

Workers' Compensation can be the first step in a total solution to a safer workplace environment. A safe, worry free work environment can bring about drastic improvements in overall employee confidence and productivity. No matter how complex your needs are, Insure Idaho will work with you to assure that all your Workers' Compensation requirements are met. Contact Insure Idaho online or call us at 208-947-9777.